CouponsTweet is the new discount site..


It’s startup time and i am going to review a discount site called couponsmonk (The site is now called couponstweet is one shop stop for finding coupons and deals. The site has close 100k deals  listed on its website.  couponstweet has developed an social discovery algorithm which means that it lists out only those deals which getting attention on social media. Using this algorithm is company is able to prune out fake deals or not so good deals.

I could find coupons of many niche retailers on the site.

for example i was searching for wayspa coupons and i found them on their site. Also, i found coupons for my favorite site on coupons monk.

Similarly they have tons of coupons listed on their site. The site claims that every single coupon that they put on their site has been tested by other people. As soon the deal is expired it is moved to expired coupons section.

Couponstweet is based out california and is just being managed by 2 member team.

Overall it is very good site. The UI of site need a bit uplift. I would give them 3.5 stars out of 5.

Top sites to find free ebooks

Recently I stumbled across a search engine which scours through the web and finds free ebooks. is not only kind of the search engine for ebooks. There are lots of kids on the block:



I don’t know whether books offered on these sites are free or not but they happen to offer lots of ebooks for free. Do visit these sites and search for books you have not been able to find so far. For example i found three interesting pdfs namely: beautiful bastard, death from skies, and goddess inheritance, and who knows you might get them for free.

The race to become the Retailmenot of India.

US is home to thousands of coupon and deals website. Retailmenot and slickdeals are the two biggest players on the scene. There are approximately 80k e-commerce websites in US and retailmenot features coupons of around 20k websites. There are many small players such as couponfollow and coupons block which might look a small blip on the radar compared to bigger players such as None the less these smaller players are able to build a self sustainable model.

In india too hundreds on coupon sites are popped up overnight. The reason being very low barrier to entry. Coupons in India are still new. People are still getting used to the concept of coupons. On the small websites you could find coupon of major retailers such as godaddy coupons, myntra  coupons, jabong coupons and fabfurnish coupons. However, in our opinion these coupon site will take time to establish themselves. Remember in US  e-commerce is close to saturation stage. On the other hand in India e-commerce players are still figuring out their business models. Also, the number of e-commerce sites are also very limited. People have already started capturing niches but the fight is still far from over.

Do check out these website and let us know what do you think of them. We are looking forward to your feedback.

The addiction of internet worse than the addiction of drugs?

i was wondering if i was the only one who is glued to his computer all the time. Internet has changed our lives for ever. Gone are days when people will wait for the their favorite TV serials. But with the advent of internet the concept of entertainment has changed. Internet gives the power to know what we want to know and when we want to know. Internet is all about me. How you use your internet also defines who you are. What you think? when you think what and most importantly how you live, where you live, what do you eat and when do you eat? The digital world knows about you everything. It is both powerful and dangerous.

Now that you have so much in your hands you can use it any way you to want. You could use to meet new people, to find your life partner, and to even watch porn. It is as addictive as a drug.

Like electricity you could use to illuminate your life or you could use it to electrocute yourself.

A quick search on google revealed wikipedia article Internet addiction disorder. Internet addiction is no longer an hypothetical concept. It is for real. I feel i am addicted to internet because it feeds on my curiosity more than anything else. Humans in general are curious. They want to understand the world around them. Why are the things around them are the way they are. And with the power of internet in their hands humans can quickly quench their thirst for knowledge. In short internet feeds on human desire. That is why it so addictive. Our desires and needs never stop that’s why we feel addicted to it.

I feel it is even worse than drugs because drug feed our desire to get high. But internet can be fodder to our countless desires. Isn’t it?

What do you think? Are you also addicted to internet? Do you also feel that something is amiss in your life when you are not connected to world wide web? I do for sure. Whenever i change my job and shift to new cities the first thing that i get in my new house is an internet connection. I find it difficult to spend my time. I can live without TV but not without internet.

How to find similar websites?

Often i struggle when i am trying to find similar website. The most common use case is: Let’s say you liked product or service but you want a cheaper alternative.  There are quite a few ways you can achieve this.

The easiest way to find similar or related website is through google. Yes, you heard me right. Google does give you the option of finding related website.

type the following command on google:

And google will spit out sites which are related to

For example i tried this:

If you don’t want to type the above command then the search the sitename on google. Google puts a small carret next to it’s search results. if you click on blue carret then you will discover similar option. If you click on similar button then you will find similar sites. In fact you could also find similar URLs and not just similar sites.

But google has limited set it doesn’t show similar button for all results.

If you can’t find your results from google then you could try 

It’s nice little website which groups similar sites together. I found their results remarkably good for lots of options.